Cheena (kickbuhttninja) wrote in idol_i,

{notice} too much kpop? + delay in posts

Hello everyone! First of all, I'd like to say 'thank you' to all the members/watchers of this community. :3 ♥ Sorry for the constant spam of Korean pictures/videos to all the members here that only joined because we said it was for all Asian fandoms. LOL. I'm currently not active in the Japanese fandom and the Chinese fandom is kinda .. not active, so sorry for that! If you find this inconvienient, please comment on this entry & we'll try to evenly spam you guys with each fandom. :3 ♥ I'm also thinking of just doing one picture for each fandom, but that'd be kind of hard, and I'll have to talk to Selena about that. :DD So please guys, tell me if you guys would like more Japanese & Chinese-related posts. XD 

Also, Selena is currently in New York right now, and I'll be going to New York also in a couple of hours, so just a little notice that there might be a delay in posts. I'll be gone for the weekend, and I'm not entirely sure when Selena will be back, so just a little heads up, yes? x3 ♥

Alright, thank you guys! Hope you guys will understand ~ x3 ♥
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